The Following Five International Training Modules for FIve Days Comprises Our Excellence Program.


All are licensed training workshops from USA, accredited By Middle East University Customized for participants as per profiling.

Deliver at site by customizing for our client as well individual participant (job positions). In-House this can be splitted to 2 or 3 days as per company requirement. Generally excellence program will be completed in 5 Days, 1 program per day

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I.Emotional Intelligence - Applying EQ at work

Summary of all other intelligences other than I.Q. We deliver in five levels-assessment, understanding EQ skills, developing, applying, and action plan for further skill development for a period. Why EQ? What for EQ training?
Does Training Work? will it really improve our EQ?

II. Creativity and Innovation- at work

The creative madness of scientists, played a major role in today's, comforts, cure, luxury, travel, education, space research, war, and in every day life.Ceativity had radically changed the advertising field,so let us tap this and be innovative & more productive in work, business, education...

III. Cross Cultural Competence Cultural Diversity - Global

The cultural skill is a must to succeed in any professional realm.Proper interactions with people creates,whereas improper interactions destroys, relationships.Cross Cultural Competance help us to bridge the barriers...

IV.Communication Strategies - Critical Conversations

To possess the art of communication, it requires a lot of mental exercise,alertness & training.We do customize to implement EQbased communication for productivity and development, in responsible job positions. How can we expect people to change by attending a training workshop at the age of Thirty or Fifty?

V. Diversity and Inclusion - for any professional

The element of Diversity is so basic in us-in many respects- that to get along with ,any group or even an individual,one has to bridge the differences that exist between them.As numerous are the diversities ,it needs training to understand, develop and apply the skills in life and in work...

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We Undertake Corporate Contracts for a Specified Time. All USA Modules Customized for Organizations & Participants as per client training need