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  Management Consultancy, Abudhabi, is a member of DNA OF EXCELLENCE group,Training and consultancy in India. It was established in 2007 in Abudhabi, for implementing international quality consultation and training workshops on administrative management. It is our strong conviction that Development- of organizations, firms, societies, and nation- starts with individuals. So the issue of CHANGE in work culture towards ongoing progress is facilitated by our Professional Excellence Program which we have selected and licensed from top quality training topics of U.S. Company based on New York. In addition to these topics we have, Technical Report Writing Skills for Engineers, managers, newly appointed staff, and technical staff, which is as per NASA standard. Employee Engagement for change in work culture, Leadership and Management, Performance Appraisal & HR Development, Interviewing Skills for Recruitment, Team Dynamics & RelationShifts and Communication & Listening Skills are other programs which are well appreciated by all participants, can be completed in one or two days. All Training workshops will be customized for our special client and again per participant special needs and cultural background of UAE. This can be in house or at our facility as per client requirement.

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We Undertake Corporate Contracts for a Specified Time. All USA Modules Customized for Organizations & Participants as per client training need