Thus our participants cherish our training workshops
Testimony : (J. Rajan, MBA, Regional Marketing Manager, Middle East)

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Rosama Muricken for delivering these highly interactive accelerating workshops.

I feel more inspired and learned today and more recharged from within.

I have travelled many countries, attended many training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences by Eminent Global Personalities.

However this is the best course I have attended so far. What I have learned in this program is entirely different from the others. It is INSIDE OUT LEARNING PROCESS and OUT OF THE BOX way of THINKING.

These accelerated learning strategies are very very new and refined my inborn potentials and capacities and it is like "gaining a DNA" for professional excellence which will last all through my life……..

DNA performance monitoring executive program

Testimony from previous participants
"I have born and educated in Abu Dhabi, professionalized in India, attended many training for professional empowering; but none was so useful like DNA as I am subjected to inside out learning- It is all in me how to bring it out for excellence, in profession and in life, measuring my level and then empowering it and bring it out, up to the brim by myself, is the adult learning strategy introduced by Dr. Rosamma Muricken in her INTERACTIVE workshops, seminars and conferences which I have experienced.

Her real life long learning experience and experience from her work life enrich the internal professional energy of the participants. Like a 'DNA' it will remain throughout life in all aspects, to be excellent and help others to be as well. I strongly recommend every adult to attend this program and empower his own life.

Now in administration T & D Manager

Professional Excellence and personal excellence through 'learning strategies- gaining a 'DNA'

Testimony from pervious participants

"It was a real learning experience, when Dr. Rosamma Muricken Facilitated her seminar on creativity and innovation, cross cultural competence, diversity at work and communication in her own special way as a teacher.

This Indian is a BORN teacher, mentor, lecturer, researcher and facilitator who wants to change the world, by changing herself to an "agent of social change"; in the most positive strategies. I do appreciate her fertile brain, innovative, resourceful mind and extraordinary facilitation skills, and recommend attending her training workshops, as she is SO UNIQUE a person. We have a lot to learn from her; I wish her all success in the new venture."

Senior Researcher and Clinical Scientist
Health Industry


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DR. Lucy Mathew About DNA 2011 at Zuri Kumarakom By: DNA of Excellence Group

Rev. Dr. Grace Rose by DNA of Excellence Group


Aren’t you also should have the ‘DNA’ for excellence in career and in life? Performance Monitoring Programs of DNA Management Consultancy

Testimony from previous participants

“I have attended this program. I would like to thank Dr.Rosamma Especially for Emotional Intelligence Program and Cultural Diversity Program, which really gave me the ‘DNA’ for Global Excellence in professional and personal life.”

H.R. Manager
Dubai Based Engineer


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