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The world famous Five in one Training Event of DNA of Excellence Group, on On May 27, 28 & 29 at Abu Dhabi, June 3, 4, 5 @ Dubai and On June 19, 20 & 21 at Hotel Le Meridian, Cochin. All modules are of proven international quality, licensed from USA, Customized by Dr. R. Muricken Ph.D.(USA) for individual participants by profiling and EQ interview. Registration, BEFORE 15th May Will enable early bird discount for individuals and corporate discount for corporates groups.

The Five modules are:


  2. THE NEW LEADER - LEADING WITH INTELLIGENCE: Emotional - Critical & Creative (Leadership Development Program with Leader Shifts & Relation Shifts)

  3. RESILIENCE : For Post Pandemic Strength, Development and Happy Productive Work Systems - Reinventing Strategies for CHANGE MANAGEMENT (9 Skills of RESILIENCE: Developing)

Accredited By Middle East University

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      7.40 am -4.52pm all days


     @8.30 am

Buffet lunch

     (1PM) of the hotel @ the beach view restaurant

Tea Break

      At 3.20 PM

You will get free job counseling and Supportfor your job applications, through the various assessments and evaluations, along with 'Communication" and ' Listening " training as side dishes, during the training sessions, In addition to the Five in ONE,and its certificate,

"I have weaved some of the concepts (of the training) into what I am doing here at the Ministry-At the special care centre.Dr.Rose Muricken, Ph.D.(USA), leads her 'Applying Emotional Intelligence' class with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise. SHE creates and nurtures a cooperative and cohesive classroom environment, where participants are motivated to use their collective synergy to find solutions to their unique challenges.

Participant March ,2010

The 'Leadership And Management with EQ skills ' program really brought out the leadership qualities and skills in each of us, to be the right manager and to be self managed. Congratulations DNA and go up again. Mr. Minazudin Minzhi, former country Manager, National Bank of Oman, AD.

" it was was really inside out learning experience using the heart and mind method resulting in the excellent coordination of the 3H's- head, heart and hand. Only time will prove, how excellent the result it is producing in us - Mr. Kuruvilah, manager, Ali Nayah group. ABUDHABI,UAE.

"The employee engagement Program was really productive in all aspects for all levels of our employees. Thank you Dr. Rose- P. Kurian James, MD , Olivia, UAE.

The Creativity and Innovation Training was really building up. We know now many techniques of problem solving as well. Congratulations Dr.R.Muricken- Eng. Khalid EL Wahaab, Abudhabi.

I never thought just one training of twelve hours can make this many transformations in a senior manager like me, in both personal and professional levels. Even all the exercises and activities where duly customized for just our company. Congratulations Dr. Rose Muricken - Mr. Hemant Kumar (Former Air India Manager), GM Emguard Group of Companies, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ruwais.

This Event was excellent in all its aspects and congratulations to DNA of Excellence group and Dr. Rose Muricken, our experience of Inside Out learning was so wonderful around these three topics and I would love to use this to all our staff and students. Even the zuri atmosphere was so congenial for the development of the insights within us.
- Rev. Sr. Helma ( About DNA 2011 @ zuri kumarakom )
Principal, Mount Carmel Senior Secondary school, Kottayam.

We accept PRE booking for individuals or groups. For group booking, attractive package offer !!!. For Registration Please CLICK HERE

We Undertake Corporate Contracts for a Specified Time. All USA Modules Customized for Organizations & Participants as per client training need