KOODATHAI EVENT IN THE LENS OF World Mental Health Day,10/10/2019


While reading the daily descriptions on this event, several thoughts emerged in and merged with  customs, beliefs, cults, trust, love, rituals, inheritance, and above all culture of  groups of people residing in this beautiful area and the genuine  reality of life underneath…..

As usual, while audio and visual media celebrate the incident by hourly descriptions, group discussions, interviews and videos on it, for sustaining viewers and satisfying their quest (or right) to know,  I was deeply moved by a query-so spontaneous from a ten year old, who was watching and following it up, and it awakened in me the need for Design Thinking around our activities–done, seen, experienced, visualized  or victimized…Also a sixth or seventh sense opened in , around the sources:  of what has come out, from sixteen years duration.

Just this ”Mumma, these are parts of a channel Mega Serial in Malayalam, as usual, or do these things really happen there??”

That opened a possibility, a source of deviation in thinking; many similar incidents WE the remaining ones never remembered to dig in…..even accidents on roads. To have more publicity, heart freezing, plotting on life in many ways as depicted in serials, making it mega mega serials, hinting new methods of revenge, suicide, avenge , homicide and family ruptures….it is still more than that..okay. Is it Enhancing the mental health of a society ??or cause doom?

 On 10/10/2019 – we just raise this  to the consciousness of all of us – rethink, it’s time.

ON THIS WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, WE AT DNA OF EXCELLENCE GROUP encourage you all, for a Self Digging-into incidents : seen, experienced, heard, read, visualized or happened around us; so far just neglected areas of us and of others’ needs as well.

A koodathai person is not just one – seemingly ordinary person,  just walk and act in between us, now came into limelight but a representative of many who really do mischief’s, in the backing of many…(namely money, gang,  supporters, social good name, political hold…) Just be aware of self and others. Help those in need of advise, guidance, model, goals..the way we can. Let us pledge to rescue the social consciousness, instead of blaming individuals causing damage, let us lend a hand to RAISE the morale and so mental health of our  groups.

Nothing demoralizing, emerged in a day; but gradually formed, so let us create healthy relations, selfless organizing, nice surroundings, goal oriented life skills, leading and promising models, and value systems to revive and empower adolescents, youngsters, adults and ‘matured’ alike. IT IS POSSIBLE-START TODAY THE MENTAL HEALTH DAY….Otherwise its just naming a day without any sustaining change…

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The Goal of World Health Day 2016: Scale up diabetes prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance. It is so relevant in the present obese category going up like in hours.

what to do towards this goal? of today,the day of health 2016 ?
As a biochemist basically; i would suggest immunity enhancing LIFESTYLE for all categories of fellowmen-its not just in food,but in everything that you do ,even thinking process,be enhanced in immunity of yourself and the community in which you live.That actually covers almost all processes of life that we unfold on a daily basis.

A little easy cooking in the kitchen,little laziness to wash vegs/fruits;little lack of alertness in throwing the expired food materials OR cooking wares,re heating refrigerated food again and again,not cleaning the inside of : Fridge,microwave,dishwasher,washing machine,household utensils- shall we TAKE CARE FROM TODAY ONWARDS LITTLE MORE-???????
As a Facilitator,whatever subject is on action,minimum half anhour I kept for enhancing immunity,healthy habbits,prevention than cure,identification of certain diseases in advance,natural resorces that will enhance our CELL DEFENSE MECHANISMS against survival of the germs;in between as HEALTH is the bottomline on which we achieve anything,and it is the greatest wealth of any individual

Some decades before nobody truelly assumed the troubles due to diabetics,and even I HAVE HEARD A PERSON REVEALING WITH PRIDE” OH NO PROBLEM,MY RBS WAS 230 ONE WEEK BEFORE IN TWO TESTS, YESTERDAY ONLY 154,AND TODAY IT IS NORMAL (135)”. so no need any medicine..” . Neither is ”normal”;but do not know ‘what is diabetics’ as such. SO COMMENTED as above!!

NOW today we are aware ,things are clear,—eyes,legs,kidneys,liver,heart,amputations,Stroke and many many more ”kids” born and grow as a result of diabetics,resulting from careless,life style.THINK TODAY ‘what can i do to improve my health and that of my brother staying neighbourhood,this thought itself will leadto enhancing a disciplined life and hence immunity towards many unhealthy SITUATIONS/PRACTICES facing daily

6.symptoms any -do not neglect
9. concept of family doctor PLS IMPLIMENT as far as possible

may i remain,


 ''Dr. Baiju was unmistakably a 100 %''engaged ''medical doctor who really wanted to attain the flow state in his 
  daily job of curing  his poor patients in BaisonValley,Iddukki district in the east of kerala state in India.

THE EVENT ,which is the basis of this case study; really happened,on 25th January,2007,the year in which,
i have cancelled my visa from General Authority of Health Services Abudhabi and started THE DNA OF EXCELLENCE group.

It is almost eight years now but He REMAINS as a question mark in my thoughts-How can we avoid such
 a happening to another doc in similar situations ? In developing EQ as a Personality trait,{as a
 loading of the automated system within us when it is most wanted ,as the situation faced by dr. baiju}
i have been intent to formulate practical means & ways which can literally solve such practical problems we face in 
our  dedication in  medical field.

Still we did not come to that,  ok
 A patient blamed THIS  DOC of poisoning the medicine prescribed and given to him by dr.Baiju.He was sure about 
this medicine  and as an honest simple person,DR.Baiju  asked the patient to bring the medicine.The patient and
 his relatives''brought back'' the given medicine'' to  the doctor !
 To show that it is not poisonous,dr. baiju drank it on the spot perfectly believing the medical 
science which he practiced to cure,not to kill. BUT...   BUT.... IT HAPPENED immediate,that he fell down
 and lost memory. Inspite ofmany many  treatments,he got paralysed and laying down still without memory.The 
doctors later  identified the presence of organophosphorus amounted to this state, in him.

It happened eight years before,but think why's and how's,and how can we avoid harming ourselves in
 following dedicated,engaged,innovating career for the benefit of paining people ?
Even if it is given by oneself,when it is coming back ,be sure to confirm ,it is the same BEFORE USING IT.Very small EQ
application,but you will empathize with the paining mother of DR. BAJU NOW IN payippra,kerala. I never know ,
but came to know through media.

Apply EQ SKILLS ,dear friend DOC.S,WE are not ABOVE IT ..OK?

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It was evening,of a summer day in August,at Lee, after a long drive ,we have spent some time in the  various factory outlets.The surroundings were inspiring due to the fine weather,small hills on both sides , on top of all, natural  greenery in lavishness !

From Hanes & cooper, after having a cup of coffee too,we were about to leave ;then  the temptation of Chocolates in very attractive display& special offer, occured in front ! Ok,fine things are really worth  to have a try,we were not an exception,just to  see, quietly entered into the outlet of Harry& David                                                                                                                           .

Amazing display of special offer,topped with  coffee  self serving ,really impressed us.Then we were turned towards the chocolate Cherries by the front desk lady ,showing various discounts for different weights , packets & containers.That patience in a busy country really made us think to buy one glass container of these precious Cherries.  While trying to find out our ST.C card will work there, to buy the beautiful glass one, orelse we will leave to buy  it at duty free,on the way,

Then all on a sudden; it happened;

-an observing  middle aged lady came out from inside of the cash counter (they were two,she was one among them) and gave me one rounded red ‘chocolate cherries ‘as they named it,&continued it  to my husband as well .While i just kept it in my hand she lovingly persuaded to eat it then and there-

we both put it in our mouth- she gave one more each …

what happened next is

-instead of the one jar that we were keeping in hand to buy,three of that, and then for each person we wish to give there & back @home were purchased in different fruit  flavours of the same chocolate-in packets and in containers in next ten minutes.Every one praised us HERE as well on its awesome lasting  taste & effect. We are  happy back at home even  about the worthfull dollars spent–customer satisfaction  creates& sustains business, how to make him convince to purchase  is a spontaneous skilled activity,with immediate effect.

ALL THE BEST FOR YOU -MY READER,even if u r not in sales,this will help you somewhere in the longrun !!

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Creativity boosting Further – by detoxifying the brain&immunity enhancing

The Spirulina production, as a part of one of my studies of enhancing immunity, revealed so easy to improve the natural resistive power of brain and body. Here it is not so widely used but in Japan and western countries spirulina powder is sold with recipes.Simply you can add to fruit or vegetable juice to enhance the protein and vitamin content-Now how did i relate it with creativity-the must have quality to opt for engineering?
Oh,be sure I am not an engineer.
Once I asked my little daughter,how I (scientist) am different from an engineer,she immediately answered with a smile,”oh,ya, scientists mam, unfold the existing truths in a useful way whereas an engineer ‘CREATES’ that what is discovered” To inspire,i got a thread from herself,took it as a chance to take her the creative wonders the entire realm of various engineering studies offers.
The rest of the talk was done by the audience (papa) -the real engineer-so I was rescued from the details which I was not sure!!
As a Biochemist I can tell you,spirulina can reduce cholestrol,triglycerides and LDL cholestrol levels where it is needed,because of the high level GLA [gamma linolineic acid] content.The presence of high beta carotene(anti cancer sub) in spirulina reduce cancer risks,in otherwords enhance the immunity of our system.secret:it even promote skin metabolism and reduce scars formation—hai-be young and heathy by using

That’s how creativity boosting ,immunity enhancing and brain detoxifying (little ,okey?) converged into one point ;spirulina ,in my thoughts .
Our creativity Training is different from the rest, just because of this difference in its facilitator,customizer cum developer. We think about the Cells, DNA, the Person, psychology,self&social management and give one to one counselling for facing the truth,awareness leads to quick solutions,whatsoever is needed.The rest is simple and easy during the group event.
There are five such topics in one event ‘DNA2014’. COME and experience the gift of God in three days ,total 36 hrs for wonderful cherished results.

what DNA OF EXCELLENCE Group strives to cleanse off the employee

Recently,one of my clients called my mobile,for an urgent need of an employee.Being landed,just 15 days before,he was panic of his rights,freedom,salary,working hours,and even future goals.He was thinking of ‘making’ a lot of dollar on a daily basis,butneither he don’t want to work,nor he want to learn the systemic work that is going on in the company. He thought of Abudhabi-very rich-where getting a visa means he is legally suppose to get big salary,accomodation,free food,ticket and transportation as per rules but for that what is his responsibilty to do in return,he forgot-in his own words ” i don’t care,i am not for this profession, I want my job(as if the sponsor did a big crime to him,by giving available job.It is said that,he even start quarelling with the manager.
The manager tried to explain,how he can reach his goal,by doing todays’ job sincerely and productively.But the manager told me he never listen what he is trying to make him realize.
So they called me,to settle it.The rest i don’t disclose,but he realized that when he work hard its he who improves in many skills and not just the company.Its development is secondary only
Employee empowerment is the first goal,by doing a job well.
We @DNA want every employee to be cheerful and devoid of such complexes,as also able to listen &collect,even an advice of a subordinate and implement change in his life!In short,be productive even in thinking process.

The Cheese from different countries:EQ again to get the best of people

During weekend shoppings,my little daughter-who is good in French,and visited many european countries with me-used to select my favourite varieties of cheese from many countries.This continued for many weeks,and i have finished most of the brands available here.one day ,after a shopping,she just wondered me by asking”Mom, what do you like most  among all these types,that we use to buy?”


Actually, I was trying to get the different specialities in its own originality-each one is better than the previous one,in at least two three specifications,which is to be identified for  later purchase. In short,which one is best,i cannot say as each one has its own splendour, fascination, taste and so appealed to me as ‘super’.Suddenly it occured to me,that each one of us living in different countries are also having so many ”GOODS” :qualities,usefullness,attitudes,cultures,manners,behavioral patterns,smell&color of Personality, abilities, charms, capacities, interests….

But what is that   in an individual , will help to get it out of them?

Tried to name them-starting from the small  Listening Skill, then,communication,creativity,innovative outlook,positivity,all powerfull EQ,on top of that the Cross Cultural Skills and Diversity&Inclusion skills.Each person we meet ,like the cheese,is a special gift and containing very valuable ‘Gems’of   precious use for us,we only have to handle it positively.That means without the  barrier of color,creed,country,big or small , the Goodness of people that we should  identify,use and appreciate ,while dealing with  people of different continents,as they do in Dubai.

To be a leader or manager,acceptable to system&employees alike OR even to be a GOOD employee,one should know the art of elucidating the ‘goods’-positive traits even if its in traces- from people around:boss,subordinates,friends,family members,parents,teachers,children………

Possible if one could’bridge’ the difference that exist between himself and the other,and it needs cultural competency alongwith diversity skills.

Of course having  high Emotional Intelligence will be a real aid & asset,in addition to the above,for making people good-to feel good and to work in their ”flow” state of total ability !!

”Cheese is Good,whether from X or Y place,BUT WHO IS TASTING IT????



While working for the Health System in the Middle East ,once in a discourse,I was asked by a Colleague,”How is it useful for us,we are Medical People,we have system to follow,and we do it well,how can creativity training  be helpful in our job?”

SMILING,i have tried to convince,but ‘not yet’,the person is still hanging on the ‘medical degrees& experience’ he possess,which seemingly empowered him,to hinder noel paths in the ‘system’ itself,IF he is Creative& innovative!!

Heart&Mind Training Methods are very useful under such circumstances;it really cleanse the ice,on top of the creative mind,brain and neurons,and make the mind eagerly  creative to  embrace innovative steps.

May I quote the story of a doctor, who approached a Buddhist-Monk- to know how to achieve Wisdom&Insight”(jhanam)’ through a retreat’. Innocently,the doctor asked”what should I do to know what is a real RETREAT ,that will give me real wisdom?The Monk replied,”Joy fully treat  each patient,try to remove the pains of the sick-that is the ‘retreat'(dhyaana)’ for you”!  The doc was not satisfied with this reply.He walked away.

Next new year,the doctor came back to the monk,asked same question,got same answer,he left! This  repeated for many years,and finally one new year eve,the Monk said”forgive me son,I will give you the lessons of a retreat,stay here for six months”He stayed there,trained and satisfied,he left.

Years passed,once the Monk&Doc met at the banks of a river.”What r u doing NOW?”asked the Monk,”I am serving the sick people,try to remove their pains,and make them comfortable.”replied the disciple.



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Actually it happened last week. I am just sharing it  for a self check for the reader.


One Madam,came to the bank ,done her deposit,then asked the cashier,how  much i  can send at one time from an  account  in her country.

She also wanted  ,to know,commission per transaction.The young man asked 3yeah’s(yeah? ,Yeah? Yeah?)then said ,i am not sure,pls ask manager.

well,our madam went to the manager and asked,—amount can be send from (her a/c ) her bank in her  country  at one time,to her ac in this bank,in  this country.?he said yes,then ,no bank  commission,then you can send as much as you want,he added.Finally the shudder came to me,who is in the Que just behind her,witnessing all these, as   ”why can’t you receive that money in your country itself?”  “OR ,if you are here,why can’t you arrange somebody to collect it there only,then you won’t loss anything,rate loss,exchange fee,time of transaction….yah?”

Smiling,this lady explained what is what once again and  i couldn’t avoid, recollect about the NEED for enough Listening Skills for people,especially those in responsible positions. We not only waste our time but that of others and win their sarcasm,also at least at times.

DNA OF EXCELLENCE IS GIVING WORLD FAMOUS US PROGRAM ,on Listening Skill as a compliment in our’ DNA2012′ EVENT  of four trainings in one event@Abudhabi on October 30,31,&Nov.1. and at Cochin in  December.Communication,Engagement,total Intelligence&application will be given with full listening skill program.Let us  all  be aware about the listening strategies needed for –our job( at the  least).

start listening today,you will discover lot of NEW things from those bored  routine work,people,event,places,movie,blog…………….all the best

-RoseMurickan Ph.D.      ( www.dnaofexcellence.org, www. facebook.com/dnaofexcellencegroup)


It’s a news came in all the media-papers,TV,Radio, social& mouth-just like all others,I too heard it,read it,sympathized& empathized with his parents,so this blog is dedicated to all the sorrowing individuals on Sachin’s unexpected demise,in July 2012@ Bangalore.


Sachin was an Engineering student in Bangaluru from Trivandrum.One day, while going back to Bangalore in a train,he took shawarma(an arabic sandwitch,famous in Gulf,now made available in kerala by some lovers of it) from TVM,(Vazhuthacadu) to have it in the train.Next day  morning he reached his room in Bangaluru and later found dead ,before going to college.As investigations are going on in this issue,no explanations are available,till the case is over.DNA Of Excellence Group sincerely empathizes  with the sorrowing family,friends,teachers&all other groups.”A drop of tear,dear Sachin,for you from all of us!!”

The event; as usual in the land,is being celebrated in the media.As a result,all hotels& food outlets in kerala being under check up by Govt.authorities,Resulting in the removal of unusable foods from these places,even closing up of some unfit outlets.Under these circumstances,”DNA2012” @ Cochin  has to be  postponed to Next month,till hotels& mind sets,  settle back to normal fearless  attitude.This intimated by my  personal call  to registered  delegates.  Have NO  doubt,EQ Skills rescue us from many pitfalls, leading even unto death !

In the Gulf countries  It is RAMADAN  observing time. Wonderful self control and self management is being observed from top to bottom in UAE. May God Almighty give strength for all , to continue the long hours of fasting and prayers,without even  a drop of water in the hot- hottest- -season.This self control&self management are TWO most important EQ Skills,can be applied directly to increase in productivity & Development in personal, professional,social,political and Global Levels. How ? WE  at DNA have HALF offer for all this years events, and all contracts ,if confirmed in Holy Ramadan.Events will be only after EID -ul -Fitr.

As usual the holy  Ramadan  sustains &leads to  the GREAT hope of EID.